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*Due to excessive demand and limited availability, deployment times may vary greatly.

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Why choose a Dedicated Server over a shared solution?


A Windows or Linux dedicated server provides you with 100% of the system’s capabilities. No one can steal your resources and there is no virtualization overhead.


Admin/root access to your Windows or Linux dedicated server gives you full control over the customization of your server’s hardware and software.


Dedicated servers are inherently more secure than a multi-tenant cloud or virtual environment. HIPAA and PCI compliance are more easily achieved on dedicated servers.


There is no better option than a dedicated server when you are trying to find the best balance between maximizing performance and minimizing cost.

Frequently Asked GPU Server Hosting Questions

If your application requires serious GPU performance, we can deliver 4, 8 or 10 GPUs peered together into a single root complex using todays most advanced binding technology. Our HPC servers are data center grade, and equipped with NVIDIA and PNY GPU accelerators.

PNY Quadro GP100:
CUDA Cores: 3584Memory Bandwidth: 717 GB/sGPU Memory 16 GB HBM2FP32 Performance: 10.3 TFLOPS

Nvidia Quadro P1000
CUDA Cores: 640Memory Bandwidth: 80 GB/sGPU Memory: 4 GB GDDR5FP32 Performance: 1.894 TFLOPS
Nvidia Quadro P5000
CUDA Cores: 2560Memory Bandwidth: 288 GB/sGPU Memory: 16 GB GDDR5XFP32 Performance: 8.9 TFLOPS

GeForce GTX1080Ti
CUDA Cores: 3584Memory Bandwidth: 484 GB/sGPU Memory: 11 GB GDDR5XFP32 Performance: 11 TFLOPS

Yes, all Hivelocity HPC dedicated servers are single tenant solutions, allowing you to customize each and every specification of the server. We have hundreds of CPU, chassis, memory and storage solutions available. Not sure what you need, then let our sales engineering team help you with the selection process.

No. Unless you request this during the design and build consultation. Virtualization does have some benefits, but could reduce the overall performance of your application, since it requires some overhead resources. You will get full root access to the server and all the peered GPUs.

Our typical service plans and pricing is based on a monthly commitment. However, if you need the GPU dedicated server for a week or more, we can setup a short term service plan for a small increase in price. If you need it longer, no problem, we will just extend and renew your service.

While we are able to source you any GPU around, we stock the following for immediate deployment PNY Quadro P1000, Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080Ti, Nvidia Quadro P5000 and Nvidia Quadro GP100.

Typically we will deliver our systems with an OS of your choosing and that’s it.However, we have a limited number of GPU / HPC applications that we can assist with the setup. These are quick setup GPU applications that are optimized to perform best with heavy GPU workloads. Some of our most popular GPU enabled application are Caffe, Amber, TensorFlow, Torch, and more.

Yes. Our team has experience with Bitcoin and Etherium mining and would be available to help engineer the best solution for your application.

Get even more with our $29/mo Managed Services, a host of proactive management services for our cPanel dedicated server customers. Our technology alerts us of symptoms that may eventually lead to a problem and allows our technicians to proactively resolve them avoiding the issue altogether.

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