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OnApp Independent Cloud Environment

Starting at $929/month

  • 2x Hypervisor Servers
  • 1x Storage Area Network
  • 1x OnApp Server
  • 1x Backup Server
  • Intuitive Control Panel
  • Major control panel integration
  • Autoscaling and Load Balancing
  • Hundreds of premade templates
  • Auto-backup VMs
  • XEN, KVM, and VMware support
  • Failover and High Availability
  • Intuitive Control Panel
  • Hundreds of pre made templates

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Proxmox Independent Cloud Environment

Starting at $580/month

  • 3x Hypervisor Servers
  • 1x Storage Area Network
  • Failover and High Availability
  • KVM virtualization
  • Live migration of VMs
  • Manage VMs from any hypervisor
  • No resources wasted on Controller
  • KVM or Xen Hypervisors
  • Simplest control panel
  • Create networks between VMs
  • Highly customisable

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Openstack/Swift Independent Cloud Environment

Starting at $991/month

  • 2x Controller Nodes
  • 4x Storage Nodes
  • 3x Monitor Nodes
  • Data replicated in triplicates across multiple storage servers
  • No central point of failure. Know your live data is secure
  • 3rd party storage client compatability
  • Manipulate object storage via Amazon S3 or Swift API
  • Easy to use Gui for creating and managing containers and users
  • Massively scalable. No restriction on the amount of data that can be stored
  • In the event of hardware failure, data is automatically replicated to healthy nodes ensuring a parity of three

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VMWare Independent Cloud Environment

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  • 3x Hypervisors
  • 1x Storage Area Network
  • Automatic failover
  • Migrate VMs on the fly
  • Thin provisioning to save space
  • Virtualize physical servers
  • Auto-backup VMs
  • VCenter Site recovery manager
  • Live migration
  • Desktop client to manage VMs
  • Backed by VMware

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