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As your organization grows, the necessity for a robust and scalable hosting solution capable of supporting your evolving digital infrastructure becomes essential. You might have the best application in the world, but without the systems in place to support its growth, your potential success will be limited. With their combination of flexibility and cost-effective scaling, VPS (Virtual Private Server) Hosting has emerged as a popular solution for organizations of all sizes seeking dynamic solutions to their changing infrastructure needs. And now, Hivelocity, with our extensive experience in the tech industry, is proud to announce that this Fall 2023, we will launch our VPS product, offering customers a solution that brings unparalleled scalability while integrating seamlessly into our existing catalogue of dedicated server infrastructure offerings. If you’ve been looking for the perfect addition to your existing dedicated server infrastructure, read on to learn all about the unique advantages available to you exclusively with VPS through Hivelocity.

What Are the Benefits of VPS?

When it comes to the main advantages of VPS services, there are 4 key benefits which must be discussed. These benefits are:

  • Enhanced Scalability
  • Cost-Effective Resource Usage
  • Improved Security
  • Greater Reliability

But in the end, these advantages are true of all VPS solutions. What really set’s Hivelocity VPS apart from the competition is our Automated Private Networking and Superior Technical Support. In the following sections, we’ll take a look at these 6 benefits of Virtual Private Servers and how they form together to become your DevOps team’s new secret weapon. 

Enhanced Scalability

Scalability is a crucial aspect of any hosting solution, as it enables businesses to adapt quickly to changing demands. VPS empowers organizations with the ability to scale resources up or down based on their specific needs. By integrating with our public API via Infrastructure as Code (IaC) tools like Terraform, Hivelocity’s VPS product takes this scalability to new heights, allowing customers to seamlessly integrate virtual machines with their existing dedicated server infrastructure. Isolate workflows, scale up resources on-demand, and build complex, fully optimized systems capable of supporting your organization’s growth for years to come. By leveraging the benefits of both dedicated and virtual environments, this integration provides businesses with unparalleled flexibility and resource optimization.

Cost-Effective Resource Usage

Traditional dedicated server hosting can be expensive. For small to medium-sized businesses with limited budgets, the superior resources and reliability of dedicated hardware may feel like an unaffordable investment. With the pay-for-what-you-use pricing structure offered by VPS, companies can tap into the superior resources of dedicated server hardware at a fraction of the price. Hivelocity’s VPS services allows customers to achieve cost savings by consolidating their infrastructure and avoiding the need to invest in additional physical servers. Scale up automatically with additional Virtual Machines (VMs) for periods of increased need, and scale back during periods of minimal use, only paying for the resources you use when you need them. This cost-effective approach is further enhanced by Hivelocity’s competitive pricing plans, ensuring businesses get the most value for their investment.

Improved Security

In today’s cybersecurity landscape, protecting sensitive data is of the utmost importance. Controlling which users have access to which workflows and which aspects of your infrastructure make direct contact with the Internet can be essential to protecting the interests of your organization and customers. With VPS hosting, a single dedicated server is split into multiple virtual instances with each environment fully isolated from any others. With full control over which machines have access to which ports, networks, and workflows, and the ability to control user access on a per VM level, VPS allows system administrators to divide large systems into smaller parcels, developing tightly organized networks of virtual machines. This increased level of control combined with Hivelocity’s proprietary FENS defense network, advanced physical security systems, firewalls, intrusion detection, and regular security audits means you can rest easy knowing your data is in the hands of true industry experts.

Greater Reliability

Reliability and uptime are paramount in the hosting industry. Downtime can lead to significant financial losses, damage to brand reputation, and a loss of customer trust. Backed by our 99.999% uptime guarantee, world-class self-healing network, and 20+ years of industry experience, Hivelocity is the hosting partner you can rely on. Our data centers are equipped with redundant power systems, climate control, advanced security measures, and a 24/7 monitoring and support team. This infrastructure ensures optimal uptime and data accessibility for customers, guaranteeing a reliable hosting environment for your critical applications and services. By taking advantage of our 40+ international data centers, customers can spread their infrastructure around, creating further redundancies and safeguards. When you need to know that your data is accessible 24/7 from anywhere in the world, Hivelocity has got your back.

Automated Private Networking

Networking is a critical component of any hosting infrastructure. Hivelocity’s VPS products provide customers with the advantage of automated networking via unmetered private networks, a feature exclusive to our services. This means that data transfers between virtual machines and dedicated servers within the Hivelocity ecosystem are not counted towards bandwidth consumption, and these VLAN connections can be established automatically, saving valuable time for your DevOps team. As a result, businesses can enjoy faster, more efficient communication between their different infrastructure components without worrying about exceeding bandwidth limits or incurring additional costs. This, combined with our free data ingress, 20TB of monthly free data egress included with every VM, and our industry low fees for data transfer exceeding 20TB per month, means that your organization could be saving thousands of dollars every month with Hivelocity VPS.

Superior Technical Support

Having a reliable and knowledgeable support team is essential. If you’ve ever had to wait on hold for Microsoft or AWS support, you know how crucial it is to have support you can rely on. At Hivelocity, we distinguish ourselves with our award-winning 24/7/365 USA-based technical support. If problems arise at 2:00 AM, you can rest easy knowing you’re backed by experienced professionals who are passionate about providing top-notch assistance. With an average ticket response of under 10 minutes, customers can rely on Hivelocity’s support team to quickly address any technical issues, offer guidance on infrastructure optimization, and ensure a seamless hosting experience.

In Conclusion

For organizations looking to achieve enhance scalability, cost-efficiency, and seamless integration with their existing dedicated server infrastructure, there’s no better option than VPS through Hivelocity. With the added benefits of automated networking via unmetered private networks, unmatched reliability, robust security measures, and exceptional technical support, Hivelocity’s VPS services empower businesses to thrive.

Check back often for more news and updates as we approach our full-scale launch. 

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