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This week we received a notification from one of our transit providers, Time Warner Telecom, regarding maintenance they will be performing in the Tampa area on August 16th.  Hivelocity maintains 5 transit providers so this maintenance is not expected to cause any outages to our network.  Level3, Global Crossing, GTT and Cogent will continue to serve traffic as normal.  Only our TWTC transit will be affected and only for 20-30 minutes.  No customer action is required.  We are passing this information along solely forto keep you fully apprised of events in our data center and on our network.


Below is the relevant excerpt from the maintenance window received from TWTC;


*** Upgrade current operating system on routers. Part of network plan for data network to operate on current and stable operating system. Each market router will be upgraded sequentially; so services provided on different edge devices will not be impacted  .



tw telecom MarketTampa
DescriptionSoftware – Upgrade/Downgrade
Start Time08/16/2013 10:00:00 PM (Mountain Time)
End Time08/17/2013 4:00:00 AM (Mountain Time)
Estimated Downtime20 to 30 minutes



August 17, 2013 Update:   TWTC maintenance is complete.  Work was accomplished within the 30 minute window and impact on customers was zero as expected.

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