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The Tampa Bay Technology Forum held their annual industry awards gala last week at Busch Gardens where over 150 companies competed for just 12 awards. With everyone eager to hear their name Hivelocity was let off the hook early, however, with their taking home of the night’s first award which recognizes one company for Excellence in Service. This award acknowledges one Tampa Bay organization committed to advancing the region’s technology community while demonstrating excellence in quality and innovation. “We are so proud of our team and the effort they put in every day to help us achieve this accolade. We are also very honored to have won considering the great companies we were up against,” said Steve Eschweiler, who accepted the award for Hivelocity Friday night.

Hivelocity has provided its customers with 100% network and power uptime since the day they opened their TPA1 data center in 2012. When you consider that most data centers aim for 99.9% uptime and 99.999% (aka five nines) is considered elite, maintaining 100% year after year is an impressive feat and undoubtedly qualifies for excellence in service. “From the day we started our company, 15 years ago in a basement, our core philosophy has been to always consider the customer’s perspective first. Initially, this philosophy was designed to help us improve the way we interacted and interfaced with our customers. Over the years, however, it has become the philosophy that directs our company’s entire culture, who we hire, the tools we develop, how we sell our products and ultimately how we achieve 100% uptime,” says Eschweiler.

Hivelocity owns and operates over 60,000 square feet of data center space where it provides dedicated servers, colocation and cloud hosting solutions to customers from over 130 countries. Hivelocity just completed the build out of their brand new TPA2 data center allowing them to accommodate 10,000 new servers and 250 server cabinets in the region. Each of Hivelocity’s facilities is manned 24/7 with Systems Administrators and Engineers ready and able to assist customers with any of their needs. Services are available from Hivelocity in Tampa, Miami, Atlanta and Los Angeles. For more information about Hivelocity you can visit them at


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