Hivelocity Introduces New Rapid Restore Service

Hivelocity, a dedicated server, cloud hosting and IaaS company to customers in over 130 countries, today announced the introduction of a new service called Rapid Restore TM.   Rapid Restore TM gives Hivelocity customers on-demand access to 5 recovery points, with a new recovery point created each day, to restore server data from at up to 200GB per hour whenever needed.   A 30 day free trial of this service is being rolled out to all Hivelocity customers new and existing. 

Anything from a single file to an entire bare metal server, including the operating system, configuration, databases and all server data, can be restored with the Rapid RestoreTM  service enabled.  This service provides protection from hard drive failures, data corruption, accidental data deletion and even viruses.  Once a customer realizes they have lost data or need to revert their server back to a previous date, they can simply login to the myVelocity portal and choose which restore point they wish to recover from.  Data is restored over the Hivelocity private network at up to 200GB per hour making restorations 20X faster than a typical recovery effort over the public web.   The automated daily backups that produce each rapid recovery point are also done over Hivelocity’s ultra-fast private network resulting in each incremental daily backup only taking a few minutes to create. 

The Daily Backup and Rapid Restore TM service is available to all dedicated server and colocation customers at Hivelocity.  This service can be added free of charge for a 1 month trial period.  Once the trial is over it costs about $1 per day to backup up to 500GB per day.  Additional plans with up to 8 terabytes of storage are also available.   More information about the Rapid Restore TM service can be found at .

“Our goal with everything we do is to make life easier on our customers.  Our new Daily Backup & Rapid Restore TM service gives our customers peace of mind knowing they will always have a way to recover any or all of their server data from a backup no more than 24 hours old.  Additionally, they have the peace of mind knowing a data recovery event will have minimal impact on their business because the data restoration happens so quickly.  I would gladly give up the burden of managing and monitoring my backups for a buck a day, ” commented Hivelocity’s Tech Support Manager, Javier Viduera.

Hivelocity was founded in 2002 and owns and operates multiple data centers.  Hivelocity provides dedicated servers, private cloud and colocation solutions to customers from over 130 countries.