For the 2nd edition of our ongoing “Meet the Team” blog series we would like to introduce you to one of our Account Managers, Rob Wright.

As you can tell from the images below, Rob is harnessing his inner Kenny Powers these days. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover on this one. Just because Rob looks like La Flama Blanca he is far from being a selfish imbecile like the real KP. Rob’s ever growing neck warmer is actually the result of a deal he made with his brother about a year ago where they both agreed to grow there hair out for the “Locks of Love” foundation. In the next few weeks Rob will but cutting his party in the back and be back to all business as he donates his hair to an inflicted child. Rob has endured a year of ribbing for the benefit of someone else and for that we love him.

Team- Rob “Wrong Hair” Wright Team- Rob “Wrong Hair” Wright - Kenny Powers

Rob has worked in the Hivelocity Sales Department for just over 5 years and has proven to be one of our best Account Manager’s. Rob is always eager to please and goes out of his way to make sure his customers are well taken care of. From proactive “just saying hi and making sure all is well” emails and phone calls to customers, to sitting in manager’s meetings with ideas on how to improve the Hivelocity Experience, Rob always wants to ensure his customers are loving Hivelocity.

When Rob is not at the data center taking care of business, you can likely find him rooting for or reading about Florida Gators and Tampa Bay Buc football. Rob is not only a graduate from the University of Florida but a huge football fan. Since there are many alumni of the Florida State University, University of South Florida and Penn State here, this time of year is always fun, if not a bit bristly around here. So here you go Rob, “Go Gators, Get Up & Go!” Or as those of us who did not attend the University of Florida like to say, “Go Gators, get up and go….seriously please leave, you’re quite obnoxious.”

Team- Rob “Wrong Hair” Wright Team- Rob “Wrong Hair” Wright

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