Every day we try to come up with new and innovative ways to enhance the Hivelocity experience for our customers. We are pleased to introduce a new feature within myVelocity that provides live order tracking of new server purchases. Customers are now able to track the progress of their new server and watch every step of the wag as we build it, load it and install it in the rack. The live order tracking is a fun way to watch as your new server gets ready for the world wide web.

Once an order is placed new customers will immediately receive an email granting them access to the myVelocity customer portal. Once inside myVelocity customers can watch along as we allocate IPs, build the server, load the operating system, install the control panel, all the way to racking the server.

What may be the best part of the order tracking system is the inclusion of a live camera feed inside the data center. While watching the status bar as we build and load the server there is also a live camera feed showing the racks we are populating with new servers. When the status bar shows the server is “ready to be racked” customers can watch live as our technicians mount their server in the rack, power it up and provide it ping. Moments later myVelocity will inform customers the server is ready and grant them access.

Live order tracking is just another innovative way Hivelocity connects with its customers while connecting them to the world.

Hivelocity order delivery tracker

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