Hivelocity Turns Up NOTA Peering in Miami


Bare metal servers, infrastructure services and cloud hosting provider Hivelocity, is pleased to announce that private peering with the Nap of the Americas (NOTA) exchange has just been added to the Hivelocity network.  This announcement comes just days after the news that NTT Communications became the 7th transit provider on Hivelocity’s IRP network blend.

Hivelocity has now established private peering with exchanges in Miami with NOTA, Los Angeles with Any2 and in Atlanta with TIE.  These private peering exchanges are in addition to the intelligently routed network blend of transit from Level 3, NTT, TWTC, Global Crossing, GTT, Comcast and Cogent networks.   Hivelocity has been able to offload close to 10Gbps of bandwidth from its public network with the establishment of its peering exchange network.   Each of these peering locations also represents a Hivelocity POP where cloud hosting, cloud storage, VPS and collocation solutions are also available.

NOCColo Action in the DC

“We have plans to expand our private peering further and are working with exchanges in New York, Chicago and Amsterdam already.  Our plan is to be set up in over a dozen exchanges over the next 24 months.  In our business milliseconds mean a lot and we have a goal to provide our customers with the absolute best network possible,” says Senior Network Administrator Dan Protich.

Hivelocity provides hosting solutions to customers in over 130 countries.  Hivelocity recently expanded their headquarters in Tampa by 20,000 square feet and recently teased the potential of opening of a 2nd data center in the near future.   For more information on Hivelocity’s network and services visit .