Hivelocity, a dedicated server, cloud hosting and colocation provider to customers in over 130 countries, launched a new promotional campaign this week that is intended to serve multiple purposes. Every day, Hivelocity introduces a new promotion that is good for just 24 hours. What is unique about this campaign is the fact these offers are only available via Hivelocity’s data center live stream.

A picture of the inside of one of Hivelocity Hosting Data Centers.

Hivelocity’s Director of Operations, Steve Eschweiler, explains how this campaign serves several purposes. “Owning and operating your data centers provides many advantages to the consumer. All of our competitors have pretty pictures of “their” data centers on their site but the reality is vast majority of them are simply colocating within someone else’s data center. Having your own facility provides numerous benefits, one of the most critical being you have the ability to put as much personnel as you want or need on-site. Hosting companies that colocate often have no staff on-premise and handle everything remotely, which works out fine until a situation requires physical access to the server. This is when a 5 minute resolution for us becomes a 5 hour issue for others. This new promotion aims to drive people to our live stream and not only see a great new deal each day but to see the Hivelocity staff walking the data center floor throughout each day. Each time you see someone walk by the camera that is a Hivelocity employee whose desk, phone and computer are within 100 feet. When you call our NOC you are talking to technicians who can be in front of your server in seconds if need be. Anyone who has a server in a data center will tell you that when you have a problem minutes feel hours and hours feel like days. Hosting companies prove their worth with uptime and support. We believe we are superior to many at both.”

Each day around 10am eastern standard time viewers are able to watch as Hivelocity updates the day’s promotion. “We want to have fun with it so look out for some cameos, theatrics and easter eggs in the coming weeks,” Eschweiler states. “We intend to move the camera to different locations within the data center frequently. Our hope is to show off our operation while allowing people to save good money on a great solution.”

If you wish to explore Hivelocity’s data center and do not have the patience to wait for the live stream camera to be moved each week you can take the virtual tour.