First Annual Parade of Racks Beauty Contest Held at Hivelocity Data Center

Each day we will feature a new gorgeous hard body. We are asking you to pick your favorite black beauty & help us choose a winner for our first ever Parade of Racks Beauty Contest. Each contestant will be featured strutting her stuff in a 6 second Vine video.
Our entries to date are.....

  1. Rack 138-

  2. Rack 132-

  3. Rack 176-

  4. Rack 143-

  5. Rack 32-

  6. Rack 249-

  7. Rack 201-

  8. Rack 180-

  9. Rack 185-

  10. Rack 160-

  11. Rack 189-

  12. Rack 177-

  13. Rack 22-

  14. Rack 244-

Follow us on Twitter @Hivelocity to see every contestant show off her stuff for you. There are still many tall, gorgeous, hard bodies to come so watch every day.
The winner will named Hivelocity's First Annual Beauty Queen and be sent on an all expenses paid trip around the world! (via the internet highway)
Vote for your favorite rack by emailing and be entered to win the chance to ask the winner on a date...or a free server for 1 month whichever you choose (current customers can simply opt for a month of free service on their existing server).
UPDATE: We picked one lucky voter and gave him the opportunity to choose a free month of service or a date with the Beauty Queen. He chose the date!