Another year has come and gone and we thought it would be nice to look back and highlight some of what we accomplished. Things can move pretty fast in the technology sector and if you don’t stop for a minute to reflect, one can easily forget the things they worked so hard for all year.

Our first major accomplishment of last year was the completion of our Tampa data center expansion. We broke ground on roughly 20,000 new sf of space in 2013 on what was supposed to be a 3-6 month construction project. As we have come to learn it is best to at least double what your contractor estimates. Not a day too soon, we began deploying new servers and new colocated customers to the new phase of our data center in January 2014. Along with the addition of some much needed raised floor space, we built out a new NOC for the techs, a new sales floor for our Account Managers and a new conference room for everyone. The new space really took our facility to the next level and evokes a “wow” darn near every time someone walks in to our data center for the first time.

Customer loungeserver center

We coincided the release of a fresh new logo with the grand opening of our expansion space. The new H and server rack logo is both simple yet powerful which embodies the core philosophies of our company. Complex concepts and technology do not have to be difficult when given the proper attention by the proper company…ie. us.

Hivelocity LogoHivelocity logo and servers

Shortly after we completed our facility expansion we brought in the compliance auditors and completed our HIPAA, PCI and SSAE-16 audits. As I type this I realize we will be going through the same mind-numbing process again here in the next few weeks. Nothing worthwhile comes easy as they say. Time to load up on the Excedrin.

We never go too long without finding a new way to improve our already fantastic network. In 2014 we found a couple of ways to make things even better for our customers. First we added our 7th transit provider by turning up a 10Gbps pipe with NTT Communications. Next we added a peering point on the NOTA fabric in Miami. We have plans for 2 or 3 new peering points to be added this new year so keep an eye out for those announcements. Lastly, we upgraded our peering fabric in Los Angeles to 10Gbps which was our last peering point waiting on 10G.

Our myVelocity customer portal saw some great new additions over the last 12 months as well. Dual factor authentication, IP white listing and a session manager are just some of the security features we added. Since we also introduced FREE cloud storage with every server we had to add a cloud storage manager to myVelocity as well. Customers are now able to acquire up to 2TB of cloud storage per server within myVelocity with a few simple mouse clicks.

Hivelocity website screenshotmyVelocity website screenshot

Our final major accomplishment was the recent launch of our brand new web site. With the beautiful enhancements to our data center and myVelocity we felt it necessary to have a site that matched in stature. We are super happy with how it turned out and look forward to spending the next few months perfecting it.

We have some big announcements coming soon that should help 2015 get us off to a great start. We cannot wait to share our great news with you soon and look forward to continuing to improve the service we are privileged to serve you with.

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