We accomplished a lot of things over the last year and for our existing customers and to anyone who is considering Hivelocity in 2013 I thought a quick review of things would be nice.

First and foremost, we provided our customer with 100% uptime throughout the year. While this is a great accomplishment it is something our customers expect of us and we expect of ourselves. We are ,of course, very happy to have lived up to our expectations as we are sure there are many other data centers that wish they could boast the same statistic.

Secondly, we introduced myVelocity, our beautiful and powerful new customer portal. When we set out to design myVelocity the goal was for it to be intuitive and beautiful. We knew it was going to be loaded with tons of features and tools and we wanted our customers to be able to find and use those features with ease. myVelocity provides our customers with the ability to manage DNS, monitor services with automated text/email alerts, follow the progression of new server orders from ip allocation to assembly to the rack, view IPMI stats, view bandwidth graphs, open trouble tickets and so much more, all with ease and efficiency. Our customers are now empowered more than any other hosting customers in the world.

Next we launched SparkNode, the simplest cloud solution around. As with myVelocity, our goal with SparkNode was to provide our customers with a complex solution that was beautiful and simple to use. The cloud in general has become increasingly convoluted and confusing for the consumer. SparkNode’s goal was to make the cloud simple to understand and even more simple to use. With the SparkNode cloud solution customers can spark up a Cloud VM or VPS in seconds with a few simple mouse-clicks. Since it’s launch SparkNode has received rave reviews and has been our fastest growing product.

Our next major accomplishment for 2012 was the introduction of our hosting affiliate program. After reviewing our competitors programs we noticed they were all very confusing and figuring out a commission was a chore. We wanted to make a very profitable program that was very very simple. 10% every month for as long as the referral stays with us. We now have several hundred affiliates and are paying out thousands of dollars in commissions!

Breaking ground on Phase 2 Data Center is clearly a big deal for us. We are currently in the process of building out 7000 additional square feet of data center space at our headquarters here in Tampa. The addition of Phase 2 is going to make Hivelocity the premier Tampa Data Center. Additionally Phase 2 is going to be built out with colocation use in mind. Because of this it will be an absolute show piece complete with cage space and a customer lounge. Look for more announcements regarding the new data center space throughout the the first quarter.

One of our not so sexy but so darn important accomplishments was the installation a new 3000 gallon external diesel tank. The addition of this tank gives us 4250 gallons of deisel capacity and roughly 1 week of generator run time in the event of a commercial power outage. This is a big deal and 1 week of run time is a nice insurance. While we are on the subject of facility improvements I would be remiss if I did not point out the new 135mph rated roof we had installed in 2012.

The list goes on and on. The last major accomplishment we will include in this blog post is the addition of some great new service offerings for our customers. We introduced our $399 1Gbps unmetered bandwidth solutions in 2012. We also launched our buy-down program allowing customers to lower their monthly cost by hundreds of dollars per month and save thousands of dollars over the life of their account with us.

2012 was a great year for both Hivelocity and our customers. As you may know, we currently service customers in over 130 countries around the world. We have been able to do business with so many people in so many places because of our core beliefs in providing a high quality of service and support at a price point most businesses can afford. We look forward to introducing many new solutions in 2013 and hope we can help make this your best year ever.

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