VMware Resource Page.

Hivelocity has been selected to be part of the VMware Cloud Service Provider Partners offering VMware licensing in the US Region for its private cloud customers.

Changes to VMware.

VMware by Broadcom made drastic changes to their product suite after customer and partner feedback stated that it was just too complex. The changes now allow customers of all sizes to gain more value for their investments with VMware.

Changes to VMware Offering:

  • Drastic simplification of their product portfolio.  
  • Perpetual to Subscription licenses, including support and updates.  
  • Reduction from over 4500+ partners down to  500 Pinnacle Partners and Premier Partners.

How can I buy VMware Licenses?

  • You can purchase your licenses through a Premier VSCP as part of your cloud infrastructure solution and only pay for what you need.  
  • Only licenses purchased through Hivelocity will work with Hivelocity’s Private Cloud services.

Hivelocity is ready to help you
navigate the change.

Our private cloud offering powered by VMware Cloud Director is a cloud service delivery platform that enables organizations to operate and manage cloud environments.

Hivelocity can offer:

  • Centralized cloud management 
  • Multi-tenancy support 
  • Access to automation and self-service capabilities 
  • Hybrid cloud support
  • Scalability and flexibility

VMware FAQs

You can continue using perpetual licenses with active support contracts. Post-contract, consider transitioning to subscription models for ongoing support.

Subscription licenses offer continuous innovation, faster time to value, and predictable investments, aligning with modern business needs.

Broadcom provides upgrade pricing incentives for customers who trade in their perpetual licenses for subscription products.

It is now clearer which license will apply to each customer due to the product consolidation, but there will be a transition from legacy licensing. A provider like Hivelocity can help you review your current licensing and map a path to the best licenses to optimize for cost and features. See our blog post about Adapting to your new VMware license.

Once the support contract for a perpetual license expires, you must transition to a subscription model for continued support, and you will run without updates.

You need to purchase VMware subscriptions for the same products or engage a VMware Cloud Service Provider for hosting options.

Even VMware states on their official FAQ around the announcement that you should perform a licensing assessment and review your options.

Benefits of Hivelocity’s Private Cloud with VMware.

Premier Tier VMware Cloud Service Provider

With a direct partner relationship with VMware, Hivelocity is in an exclusive position to stay current with evolving innovation, support, training, and enablement to continuously offer the latest in value adding services at an affordable and competitive price. 

High-Performance and Scalable Infrastructure for Today and Tomorrow

Hivelocity has built new cloud infrastructure with the latest in high-performance computer, network, and storage.  Our deployments include redundant 25Gbps network connectivity to hosts, 400Gbps spine/leaf backbone with N+2 resiliency, and all NVMe low latency storage.

VMware Cloud Foundation Service Platform

Hivelocity has deployed and offers a next generation hosted private cloud service on VMware Cloud Foundation 5.x (VCF). VCF provides a feature-rich, highly integrated, and secure platform with the ability to add innovative features as they become available through a services roadmap. This platform also allows customers to use the most familiar, effective, and efficient virtualization technology with the ability to manage, monitor, automate, and extend.

Cost Management

VMware Cloud Foundation offers an integrated platform for managing both traditional and cloud-native workloads within an automated lifecycle policy. This optimizes resource utilization, prevents over or under-provisioning, and enables seamless workload migration to the most cost-effective cloud environment, reducing the learning curve and the need for specialized skills across various clouds. 


VMware Cloud Foundation incorporates automation across its lifecycle management, enhancing operational efficiency and agility in provisioning, scaling, and managing resources, enabling quicker response to market changes.

Resource and Skill Gaps

VMware Cloud Foundation allows Hivelocity to act as trusted advisors, assisting customers in overcoming resource and skill gaps through professional and managed services. This approach enables businesses to focus on strategic projects by offloading resource management, automation, and optimization, along with providing pre-configured services.