A Broadcom Advantage Program

With a direct partner relationship with VMware by Broadcom, Hivelocity is in an exclusive position to stay current with evolving innovation, support, training, and enablement to continuously offer the latest in value adding services at an affordable and competitive price.

The VMware Partner Program Shift

With the Broadcom acquisition of VMware, the partner program was redesigned to reduce the number of partners. If you were one of the many businesses that were affected by this change, and no longer have access to the VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF), we can help you gain access by providing a VCF White Label Program!

If you wanted to become a VMware Partner and cannot be due to the new Broadcom limitations, we can also help you gain access through this White Label Program.


With the VMware by Broadcom Advantage Program, we can offer a White Label VMware Cloud Foundation service, complete with licensing and infrastructure to run your cloud environment. You simply select the appropriate licensing level that best fits your business needs, we will manage:


We will set up usage and metering agreements based on core requirements, term length, dedicated hosts, and infrastructure utilized.

Usage and Metering

We will ensure usage meter is up-to-date in the secondary environment.

Billing & Reporting

Ensure timely and accurate billing based on usage and meter data.

Infrastructure and Support

With this program, license holders will utilize Colohouse infrastructure to run their VMware cloud, ensuring high performance and security. White Label partners can get our support for their VMware environment.


Don’t have the expertise or time to figure out your VMware Cloud Foundation?
Reach out to us for assistance or to answer questions concerning your new environment.