Software RAID – Linux

Managing your server with Software RAID is generally not too difficult. Typically and more commonly, we recommend hardware RAID (generally with a MegaCLI controller), however, if you are utilizing software RAID, it’s important to understand some fundamentals. If you are here in reference to seeing failed or missing drive(s) on


SOFTWARE The operating systems and control software you need. Control Panels We offer a wide range of both Linux and Windows supported control panels that are all built to simplify server and website management. Whether you have just a few sites to manage, a few thousand sites, or even if

Which Virtualization Software is Right For You?

Virtualization has become a cheap and easy way to recreate a number of features on one computer, such as operating systems and hardware platforms, that would normally require a separate machine. Let’s take a look at how some popular virtualization solutions stack up to each other. Proxmox VE The Proxmox

MySQL Overview in Linux

MySQL is a powerful and widely used SQL database server that plays a crucial role in web applications and services. MySQL is designed for mission-critical, heavy-load production systems, and mass-deployed software. As a fast, multi-threaded, and robust database server, it provides efficient data storage and retrieval capabilities. This MySQL Overview

Top 5 Linux Server Distributions for 2024

Overview 2023 was an active year in the Linux world! Red Hat, the biggest open-source company decided to lock the source code behind a paywall, Ubuntu dropped default support for Flatpak for all its flavors, Vim creator, Bram Moolenar, passed away, and Linux rose above MacOS in gaming stats with

What is Linux, How Does it Work, and What Can I do as a SuperUser?

What is Linux? Linux is a family of open-source operating systems that are based on the Linux kernel, first released on 09/17/1991 by Linus Torvalds. You can find the Linux OS packaged into distributions that include the kernel and supporting system software, libraries, and packages. Linux is a popular and

Linux: The Open-Source Solution – Benefits and Overview

Overview This blog post is intended to provide you with information and an overview of crucial topic points involving the Linux OS. Whether you are reviewing and contemplating which OS to use for your production environment or your desktop setup, the following seven topics will assist with understanding what Linux

VPS Snapshot – How to Create and Schedule a Snapshot

Introduction Virtual Machine (VM) snapshots are a feature of virtualization software that allows you to capture the state of a VM at a specific point in time. VPS snapshot is a copy of a virtual machine and are useful for creating checkpoints of the state of a VM at a

VPS Custom ISO Management

Introduction An ISO file is an archive file that contains an identical copy of data found on an optical disc, such as a CD or DVD. ISO files are often used to distribute large programs and operating systems that are intended to be burned to an optical disc or mounted