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Terraform provider alpha release | Completed

Official alpha release with basic provisioning functionality.

Deployment, IPMI, and device management REST API | Completed

REST API control over deployment, IPMI, and device management

On-demand servers and billing | Completed

Provide hourly billing options on all instant server configurations via the /bare-metal-devices endpoint.

One click IPMI connection & supporting REST API endpoint | Completed

Instantly whitelist a user’s IP and connect to IPMI on the target device.

Bandwidth monitoring through REST API endpoint | Completed

Detailed bandwidth data for all server nics served graphically and as data through the REST API.

Account wide ssh key management | Completed

Give customers ability to provide their own SSH Key to access new server deployments.

Cloud-init, user-data, and post-install scripts | Completed

Give customers ability to provision applications at provision time through custom scripts.

Same-site native VLAN management | Completed

Give customers total control over private vlan provisioning across servers in the same site.

Official Terraform Community Provider Release | Completed

Release official post alpha v1 of the Terraform provider with full bare metal provisioning and networking automation support (see below).

Terraform support for VLANs | Completed

 Give customers ability to control their networking functionality via Terraform.

Elastic IPs

Customer control over a pool of IP resources.  Move IPs freely between dedicated servers.  Switch dedicated servers out from behind the same IP.

Global VLANs

Share IPs amongst a private VLAN.  Enables hypervisor style deployments, openstack, k8s, and more

Server reservations

Allow customers to reserve instant and custom servers for deployment

One-click private cloud deployments (k8s, openstack, etc)

From the portal, give customers instant cloud deployment capabilities with the click of a button

Robust set of NVMe configurations

Stock locations with an array of NVMe devices based on consumer needs.

GPU Configurations

Fully reserve instant and custom servers for deployment

White label platform for Resellers

Provide resellers a full white-label capable bare metal cloud portal

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