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Navigating VMware Licensing Changes

Our team can help you with your licensing and infrastructure needs without disrupting your services.

Integrating AI/ML into your IT Strategy

Learn how we can help you architect your main workloads on private cloud and integrate them into your AI/ML strategy.

Complex Compliance Needs

We know your applications need to run fast, but we can help you meet regulatory compliance needs.

Public Cloud Migration

Let our experts help you reach your outcomes faster migrating or integrating private cloud into your IT infrastructure.

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Don’t have the expertise or time to figure out your private cloud environment? Let Hivelocity assist you! Schedule a consultation with our engineers today to explore the benefits of our private cloud services. We’ll plan the ideal environment, giving you control to run and grow your business.

VMware Cloud Service Provider VCSP Premier Partner

Premier VMware cloud service provider.

With a direct partner relationship with VMware by Broadcom, Hivelocity is in an exclusive position to stay current with evolving innovation, support, training, and enablement to continuously offer the latest in value adding services at an affordable and competitive price. Our VMware Private Cloud Service is a powerful tool that provides reliable, secure access to critical data and applications from anywhere worldwide. From small businesses to large enterprises, a private cloud can help you streamline processes and specific data and improve productivity. VMware by Broadcom made drastic changes to their product suite. To learn more about how these changes may affect you, please visit our VMware Resource Page. Are you looking to become a VMware White Label Partner? We can help!

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Advantages of private cloud.

Enhanced Security

Private cloud delivers a higher level of control over data and infrastructure. This allows for more defined security policies and access controls to be created and enforced – reducing the risk of breaches and system failures.

You're in Control

Organizations have complete control of their data, applications, and infrastructure with private cloud – making it easier to manage and update them as needed.

Increased Flexibility

With a private cloud, you can design and implement solutions that meet your business needs.

Cost Reduction

Implementing a private cloud can be cost-effective for your business in the long run as it reduces hardware and software requirements.

Location matters.

Our Atlanta, GA and Chicago, IL cloud hubs connect you across the US to our data center locations through robust network.

How private cloud mitigates security risks.

Advanced Encryption Technologies

By using advanced encryption technologies, private cloud environments are able to ensure secure and confidential communication and data transfer. Your data is encrypted in transit and at rest, minimizing the risk of malicious activity and data theft.

Robust Firewall & Network Security

Private cloud will deliver advanced firewall and network security capabilities that allow businesses to deploy more granular access control and threat detection systems. This enhanced security reduces the risk of data breaches, malware attacks, ransomware attacks, and other cyber threats.

Audits, Authentication, and Access

Security audits greatly enhance the ability to uncover and address potential vulnerabilities in your private cloud. More than audits are needed to ensure the best possible security; robust authentication and access controls should be instituted to limit the risk of unauthorized access to your private cloud.

24/7 Monitoring and Support

With 24/7 monitoring and support, you can be assured that problems are quickly identified and resolved in real-time. This advanced service is critical to help minimize the risk of downtime, data loss, and financial impact.

Steps to consider when moving to a private cloud.

Identify Requirements

Before you implement private cloud, you should be able to identify the requirements that will be used to design and deploy the private cloud environment. This includes considering the infrastructure needed, applications/software, and what data the cloud will support.

Select a Provider

After you have identified the requirements for a private cloud, it is time to carefully select a provider specializing in private cloud services. Key factors to consider are the ability to guide and help set up the environment (don't be left hanging), level of support, expertise, data center locations/quality, credibility, and reliability.

Design and Deploy

After carefully considering and selecting a provider for your private cloud, it’s important to work closely with their team to design and customize the ideal solution that meets your business needs. Once this process is complete, thoroughly test your new private cloud and make any necessary adjustments with the help of your cloud provider team.

Bring the best together in one cloud

We wanted to build our cloud with the best technology partners in each specialized area, whether that’s hardware, network, backup, or disaster recovery. Our cloud was built by engineers who kept our customer’s needs first.

The core of Hivelocity's Private Cloud is powered by VMware’s industry leading virtualization platform. VMware's robust features provide our clients with flexible resource allocation, seamless migration, and efficient workload management. This ensures a highly responsive and adaptable infrastructure capable of meeting diverse tenant requirements.

The Hivelocity Dell compute systems are ideal for VMware cloud environments. Our servers are full-featured enterprise servers delivering outstanding performance for the most demanding workloads, simplified operations, secure from end-to-end and energy efficient.

Pure Storage provides backup/storage capabilities. Delivering high-performance, low latency storage with several performance options based on business application requirements. Pure Storage integration features: data replication, storage backup and restore, VM backup, backup scheduling, data store management, and data restoration.

Our built-in best-in-class backup solution that ensures data integrity, resiliency, and availability. Utilizing Veeam safeguards critical data against accidental deletions, system failures, or other unforeseen incidents, contributing to a reliable and resilient cloud environment.

Our network is built on Arista Networks, an industry leader in data-driven, client to cloud networking for large data center/AI, campus and routing environments. Arista’s award-winning platforms deliver availability, agility, automation, analytics and security through an advanced network operating stack.


Zerto offers continuous data protection and near-zero downtime during a recovery processes. Ensuring rapid and reliable recovery of virtualized workloads, minimizing potential business disruptions. Zerto's capabilities align with stringent recovery time objectives (RTOs) and recovery point objectives (RPOs), providing our clients with confidence in the integrity and availability of their applications and data.

Private Cloud FAQ

Private cloud environments are derived from secure and scalable infrastructure, where isolated resources are exclusively used by a single organization. Our platform allows businesses to have complete control over their cloud environment and software, while we manage the hardware. Private cloud leverages virtualization technology to create an organization’s separate, secure, and isolated virtual environment. The hardware and software resources for the organization, such as servers, storage, networking, and security, are abstracted and managed through software.

There’s no “right” industry for private cloud services. Essentially, any business looking for very tight security and control over the systems should utilize a private cloud environment. Compliance-focused organizations such as those in healthcare, law, finance, and government benefit from rigorous security controls, while those in e-commerce and retail enjoy the advantages of dedicated, flexible resources. Put simply, if you’re considering the cloud, private cloud is an ideal environment and will work for you.

To get started with implementing a private cloud in your organization, begin by assessing your current IT infrastructure and identifying your specific needs and goals. Next, choose a private cloud provider or decide whether to build your own on-premises solution. Collaborate with your IT team and stakeholders to develop a comprehensive plan that includes security measures, scalability options, and compliance requirements. Once the plan is in place, proceed with the deployment, ensuring thorough testing and optimization. Finally, provide training for your staff to ensure a smooth transition and effective utilization of the private cloud.

A private cloud is generally more secure than other cloud solutions because it is dedicated to a single organization, eliminating the risks associated with multi-tenant environments. With a private cloud, you have complete control over security measures, allowing you to implement customized policies and configurations tailored to your specific needs. Enhanced data privacy and compliance capabilities further ensure that sensitive information is protected. Additionally, dedicated resources mean reduced exposure to external threats and potential vulnerabilities common in shared environments.

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