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cPanel Migrations & Custom Server Migration Application


This form is meant to help us ensure your server’s migration to Hivelocity goes smoothly and that each party (you & Hivelocity) has all the information required to accomplish this. We require specific information prior starting a migration process that will allow us to investigate your existing system and create a migration plan. We are able to migrate 90% of servers without issue, however, there are variables that may result in us turning down a migration job.

Examples of factors that could cause a migration issue are and not limited to the following:

  • Source server has corrupted data.
  • Source server OS is diferent than target, old and unsupported.
  • Data to be migrated exceeds 2000GB.
  • Source server hardware problems interrupting or retarding transfer of data.
  • Source server is infected and unable to be cleaned.
  • Custom configurations
  • File sizes. Migrating many small files takes much longer than transferring fewer large files.





(It’s likely the IP addresses within the zone file records may need to be updated to reflect newly assigned IPs on your new server. Part of our migration would be to work with you to get these IP addresses updated.)


Note: All migrations require some manual processes. Since there are DNS and IP changes that generally happen during migrations there is a possibility of downtime. Our goal is to minimize this as much as possible. After we analyze your existing servers we will make recommendations to help eliminate or minimize any service outage. If downtime is unavoidable then we will create a scheduled plan with you to ensure you can appropriately notify your customers of any maintenance windows that we schedule.

1. Once we receive the answers to our questions above, our migration team will inform you via email if your server is likely to qualify for our migration service (90% of servers do).

2. We will request login credentials to your server via a secure & encrypted support ticket for a final inspection and final approval.

3. Upon final approval we will inform you that we are ready to start the migration at your direction within the same support ticket opened in step 2.

4. We will begin migrating your server’s data to your new Hivelocity server. Most migrations are completed within several hours but this can vary depending on the amount of data, location of source server and the connection speed available to us at your data source. We will provide you with an initial estimated migration time within the first 90 minutes of starting the data transfer.

5. We will need to perform one final data sync after we have completed the migration of data. This final data sync will update your new server with any read/writes performed after we started the initial data grab.

6. It will be important that you and Hivelocity coordinate closely during stages 4 and 5. Once we complete stage 5 you will be instructed to update your IPs and DNS information to complete the transition of serving your data of your new Hivelocity server. This can be accomplished seamlessly with little to no downtime but it must be a coordinated effort to achieve.