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What Is CPU? Cores, Multithreading, & vCPU

If you know much about computers, or even if you don’t, chances are you’ve heard the term CPU. The CPU, which stands for Central Processing Unit, is an essential part of every system from your home laptop to the servers hosting your company’s website. But what is a CPU, and

Intel CPU Exploits Meltdown and Spectre – What You Need to Know

—-Updated 1/10/18 1:25m EST—– Ubuntu Remediation Steps: Ubuntu 14, 16, 17 apt-get update apt-get dist-upgrade reboot to complete the update —-Updated 1/8/18 10:55am EST—– ProxMox Remediation Steps:Follow the instructions found at —-Updated 1/6/18 3:03pm EST—– Cloudlinux CloudLinux 6 Remediation Steps: Run the following command to patch CloudLinux 6 servers.

Free CPU UPGRADE offer on $99 Core2Quad!

The next 5 customers to purchase one of our $99 Core2Quad q8200 dedicated servers will get a FREE CPU UPGRADE to a q9300 2.5Ghz. There is no coupon code needed for this special deal. Simply contact one of our Account Managers via live chat, phone or email and tell them

CPU/Memory/MySQL Usage

Overview This function displays a table of the processes that use CPU, memory, and MySQL. The table displays who is using the process, CPU usage %, Memory usage %, and MySQL usage.   Steps 1 To access the Server Status Menu, click on Server Status, on the main screen of

Bare Metal Cloud? The Case for Dedicated Server Hardware

As more organizations seek an alternative to the outrageous data egress fees and inherent risks of the cloud, many forward-thinking companies are turning to dedicated server hardware and bare metal clouds as their digital infrastructure solution. With increased processing power, improved reliability, greater customization opportunities, and thousands of dollars in

How to Use Wasabi Cloud Storage with cPanel

In order to use Wasabi Cloud Storage alongside cPanel, you must first set up your storage bucket within Wasabi. If you need help setting this up, please refer to: How to Setup Wasabi Cloud Storage. Once you’ve created your bucket in Wasabi, you’ll need to save the following details somewhere

Intel Dedicated Servers Landing Page

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Dedicated Server Solutions for Traditional Retail

This probably comes as a surprise to no one, but the truth is, it’s a hard time to be a traditional, brick-and-mortar retailer. This statement has been true for years, but thanks to the rise of e-commerce and the unshakeable positioning of industry giants like Amazon and Alibaba, it’s easier

Bare Metal Servers

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At Hivelocity, we’re not one to play favorites with hardware. While our technicians have their individual preferences, as a whole, we know the best solutions are the ones that best fit the needs of our clients. That said, there is certainly value in the comparative metric tests available through SPEC