Easily distribute your content across the globe with our CDN and shorten the distance between your users and your data. Stream video and audio around the world with no buffering. Display images instantly. Distribute application updates rapidly. Give your users an experience that keeps them coming back for more.

Pay only for the data you send (charged per GB):

North America & Europe

  • North America & Europe
  • Asia
  • South America
  • Australia
North America & Europe.
South America.

More benefits of a Hivelocity CDN

  • Instant Content Removal
    Your content is removed or invalidated within seconds of your request.

  • Geo Blocking
    Block your content by country, state, DMAs or zip codes.

  • Origin Management
    Save costs and protect your server from an overload of requests with origin shielding.

  • Content Protection
    URL Signing/Tokenization, HTTP, Authentication and HTTP Referrers.

  • Content Management
    Prepare and upload your content using our fully responsive CMS.

  • Content Caching
    Optimize website performance with dynamic content caching.

  • Hivelocity offers the best support and the best servers on the international market, my company has been more efficient offering our services to our customers in Brazil. — Flavio Fernando Braz, lojasvirtuais.net
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