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How can I find the path to a command line binary?

You can use the command which, which shows the full path of (shell) commands. Which finds the first binary within path. If you have more than one binary in separate locations which will report the one bash would execute first. root@root [~]# which bash /bin/bash root@root [~]# which php /usr/bin/php

Use Linux to Find Large Files and Directories

If you’re a Linux user troubleshooting memory issues with your server, knowing which files are taking up the most space can be invaluable information. Luckily, you can have Linux find large files and organize them by size by combining a few simple commands. The du command determines the size of files

How can I display a banner when someone attempts to ssh to my server?

This can be set with the Banner directive in sshd_config. First create a banner to display upon connection: root@root [~]# vi /etc/sshd_banner.txt Set the Banner directive to point to this file and restart sshd: root@root [~]# cd /etc/ssh/ root@root [/etc/ssh]# cp sshd_config root@root [/etc/ssh]# vi sshd_config root@root [/etc/ssh]# diff

How can I disable root logins via ssh on Redhat?

Before you disable root logins you should add an administrative user that can ssh into the server and become root with su. 1. Add the user. In the following example we will use the user name admin. adduser will automatically create the user, initial group, and home directory. We will

How can I change the port ssh listens on?

You can edit sshd_config to change the port sshd listens on. The default directory for ssh configuration is /etc/ssh. Backup the current configuration and use your favorite editor to change the Port line: root@root [~]# cd /etc/ssh/ root@root [/etc/ssh]# cp sshd_config root@root [/etc/ssh]# vi sshd_config #Port 22 I will

Can I limit the ip(s) that sshd listens on?

Yes, this can be set withing the sshd_config file. Backup the sshd_config file,edit it with your favorite editor, and change the ListenAddress configuration line: root@root [~]# cd /etc/ssh/ root@root [/etc/ssh]# cp sshd_config root@root [/etc/ssh]# vi sshd_config root@root [/etc/ssh]# diff sshd_config 15c15 < ListenAddress — > #ListenAddress

Can ASP run on my Linux server?

Using the Chilisoft software, it is possible to run ASP scripts. These scripts can provide database connectivity, however they cannot reference custom COM objects.


DirectoryIndex index.php Entering the above line in .htaccess file in the document root of the domain. The above line makes to fetch index.php first instead of the index.html

PHP Parsing code

If php parsing is not working please put the following code in .htaccess file of the domain in question. Options +Includes AddType text/html .html AddHandler server-parsed .html

How do I revert from an ext3 to an ext2 File System?

Because ext3 is relatively new, some disk utilities do not yet support it. For example, you may need to shrink a partition with resize2fs, which does not yet support ext3. In this situation, it may be necessary to temporarily revert a file system to ext2. To revert a partition, you

How do I boot into rescue mode?

Rescue mode provides the ability to boot a small Linux environment entirely from CD-ROM, or some other boot method, instead of the system’s hard drive. As the name implies, rescue mode is provided to rescue you from something. During normal operation, your Linux system uses files located on your system’s