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Enable quotas on RedHat server with no control panel

As the root user, edit file /etc/fstab to add qualifier “usrquota” or “grpquota” to the partition you want quotas enabled for as shown below:

/dev/hda2     /home   ext3    defaults,usrquota,grpquota 1    1

This enables user and group quotas support on the /home file system.

You can finish initializing quota support by simply rebooting your server.  If a reboot isn’t a viable option at the moment, you can also follow the instructions listed below:

1. Remount changed filesystems

To remount a specific filesystem:  mount -o remount <filesystempath> (ex. mount -o remount /dev/hda2)

2.  Create aquota.user and for quota accounting.

To create the aquota.user and files which keep track of quotas, run the following command:

quotacheck -vguma

This command may take awhile to run as it scans any quota enabled filesystems to build the quota accounting files.

3.  Enable quota account process.

To enable the quota accounting process which keeps tabs on user/group usage activity as it occurs and updates the aquota.user and files, run this command:

quotaon -av

Your linux filesystem(s) should now be quota-enabled.

Your linux filesystem(s) is now quota enabled.

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