How to add additional Name Servers in Plesk 12 (Windows)

  1. Login to Plesk as an administrator.

  2. On the left hand side menu bar, select Tools & Settings under Server management section.

  3. On the Tools & Settings page under General Settings section, click on the DNS Template option.

  4. Click <domain> next to the existing NS record to edit it.

  5. On the Edit Resource Record page, enter your first nameserver's record value into the Name server field and click OK


  6. To add the second name server on the DNS settings page click on Add DNS Record button.

  7. On the next page enter the following in the text boxes provided:
    Record Type: Select NS from the drop down list.
    Domain name: Leave blank
    Nameserver: Enter the value of the second nameserver you want to add. For example
    Once done click on OK button.

  8. You can see the new nameserver records added.