How Install DNS server on Windows Server 2012

1) Login to your Windows server wtih the administrator user.

2) Open Server Manager


3) Click the Manage menu and then select Add Roles and Features. On the next screen click on next.

4) For DNS servers, select the Role-based or feature-based installation. Click on next.

5) Select the local server for server pool where the DNS server will be installed.

6) On the next screen click on DNS Server and it will open an additional window showing features.

Click on add features. Once done you will see DNS Server is selected. Now click on next.

7) The next window will be asking to add additional features. Leave it as its as we already have added the features for DNS server.

8) The next screen will be showing the information about DNS servers and what it does. Just click on next.

9) The next screen will show the confirmation about installation of Windows server and its features. You can select the option of Restarting the server shown in image or restart the server later. However it is recommended that you should restart the immediately after installing the DNS server.

Click on Install and you are done.

10) You can see the installation process on the next screen.