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Fix for Helm : Adding a MS SQL database to a domain fails, and I get ‘ SQL Server does not exist or access denied. ‘ in the log

1.) Make sure you have SQL Server installed on the server. Note: You cannot add databases using MSDE, as it is a single instance cut down version and does not provide this functionality. You need the *full* version of SQL Server in order to add databases, either SQL Workgroup or SQL Standard or Enterprise edition.
2.) Make sure that the SQL Server service
Home > System Settings > Servers > Your Server > SQL Service
has the SA username and correct password so that Helm can connect and create the database.
3.) Check SQL itself. What you need is a default instance of SQL to be present (this is selectable from the actual install of SQL Server). For instance, you may have something like:
but no default instance, which would just be:
Without the default instance, Helm won’t be able to access SQL Server to add databases.

Note: As of version 3.2.8 of Helm, named instances of MS SQL are now supported

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