Create a DNS Entry for the Web Server in WHM

Creating DNS Records in WHM

If you are hosting your nameservers on your cPanel server you may need to adjust or create DNS records depending on your needs. DNS records can be created and edited from WHM panel for all accounts on the server. If you don’t have access to WHM you can use cPanel to create and edit records as well using the instructions here (link to cPanel instructions).

First we will need to log into the WHM panel for the server. You can access your WHM panel on your cPanel server by going to https://(my server’s IP address):2087 or by going to if A records are already propagated for the server.

Once logged into WHM navigate to Home »DNS Functions »Edit DNS Zone. On this page you will see a list of all the zones on the server, you can use the search bar to find individual domains if you have a larger number of accounts on the server. Once you find the domain you wish to edit select it and click the “Edit” button below the box.

Edit DNS Zone selection in WHM. Where you will choose the DNS Zone to adjust.

A new page will open where you can edit and create records. We’ll start with the top part of the page.

Standard DNS Zone created in WHM.

Here you will see all the records that are currently in place for the domain. If you need to edit records you will do so here by simply appending the current text within the boxes. By default cPanel will include records for DKIM and SPF unless set otherwise on the server, you can see those TXT files within the zone above.

Next, the bottom part of the page is where you will add additional records.

New entries within WHM. Where you will create DNS records.

Clicking the “Select” drop-down will open up a menu to select all of the record types you can create on the domain. If you are looking to add SPF or DKIM records to the domain you will use “TXT” with the appropriate records during creation.

Record types you can select to create DNS records.

As an example, let’s say we have another nameserver that we want to point an NS record to from our domain. We’ll select the appropriate record from the drop down and fill in the record using the domain on the left side and the nameserver we wish to point the NS record to on the right side. You can see this record as well as a few others below. The additional blanks allow you to set multiple DNS records at once.

Examples of commonly created DNS records.


Note: One of the most common mistakes in creating or editing record is not including the trailing ” . ” at the end of the record. All records with top-level domains will include the trailing period at the end.  

Click “Save” at the bottom and we are done! The new page will confirm if the changes are successful or not. cPanel will check to ensure all the records satisfy requirements and provide any errors on this page if any exist.

Successful DNS record creation screen.

If you have any issues or questions you are always welcome to call, open a live chat or submit a ticket via the MyVelocity panel for further assistance. Hivelocity support staff are standing by 24/7/365 and will gladly assist you further.

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