How to Configure DNS & Add Domain

Hivelocity gives you the ability to use our nameservers for your domain. Using the myVelocity portal we will be adding a domain for DNS configuration and creating a few records to show you how you can do the same for your website. If using Hivelocity’s nameservers you will want to set custom nameservers for the domain to and at your registrar.

Once logged into the myVelocity portal head on up near the top of the page and click on the “Networking” button.

Select the Networking tab of the myVelocity portal.

On the new page you will first be brought to the Domains section of the Networking tab. Adding a new domain to the portal is easy, simply click on the “Add Domain” button and then fill in the line on the box that opens up with your domain. On the right side click “Add Domain” again on the box and your DNS zone will be added.

Adding a new domain from the Networking tab in the myVelocity portal.

Adding a new domain from the Networking tab in the myVelocity portal.

Now that we’ve added the domain to the portal we can add records to the DNS zone. Click on the newly added domain and you’ll open up the record configuration interface. On this page you’ll be able to create all the records you will need for your domain and its supporting services such as email. First we’ll go ahead and configure an A record for the domain. Under the “A” tab click “Add A record” to begin. On the pop up box we will see an entry for Hostname, IP address and TTL. By default TTL will be filled with 3600, this does not have to be changed but you are welcome to set any TTL you see fit. Since we are doing the root domain we will use “@” for the hostname and add the IP address we have the domain configured to respond to on our Hivelocity dedicated server. Once all that information is filled in click “Update Record” to submit the record.

Adding an A record for your domain.

As with any DNS changes you’ll want to give it some time for propagation to complete. Once propagation has completed and the A record shows across the world you’ll be able to ping the domain the record was created for and return the correct IP address.

If you have any issues or questions you are always welcome to call, open a live chat or submit a ticket via the MyVelocity panel for further assistance. Hivelocity support staff are standing by 24/7/365 and will gladly assist you further.