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How to Create DNS Records in WHM

If you host your nameservers on a cPanel server, there may come a time when you need to adjust or create DNS records for one or more of the domains you host. While cPanel can be used to easily edit records for individual accounts, depending on the number of accounts

Setting DNS Clusters in WHM

If you’re a cPanel or WHM user with multiple nameservers, you might be wondering how to connect your servers in order to share data and records between them more easily. By creating a DNS cluster within WHM, you can achieve exactly that. In this guide we’ll take a look at

Create a DNS Entry for the Web Server in WHM

Creating DNS Records in WHM If you are hosting your nameservers on your cPanel server you may need to adjust or create DNS records depending on your needs. DNS records can be created and edited from WHM panel for all accounts on the server. If you don’t have access to

How to do Backups in WHM.

  NOTE:  If you want Hivelocity to set up your backup you must purchase our R1Soft Continuous Data Protection service.  Otherwise, even with Managed Services, Hivelocity does not setup, or take responsibility for your backups.   To setup backups in WHM/cPanel, we first suggest you use a 2nd drive to

How to change the root password from WHM

 How to change root password from WHM? You can change the root password of server from WHM using below steps: 1. Login to WHM. (https://yourserverip:2086) or (https://yourserverip:2087) or (https://yourserverip/whm) 2. Click on change root password under server configuration. 3. Provide new password or you can click on Generate password button

How to secure your server via WHM?

Login into WHM and refer the following steps one by one to check the server security: a. Check WHM >> Server Configuration >> Tweak Settings and disable the following options : *Prevent users from parking/adding on common internet domains. (i.e., *Allow cPanel users to reset their password via

How to change MX Records Using WHM (Web Host Manager)?

Customers using either a Dedicated Hosting server would get an access to the WHM. Upon logging into the panel, look for DNS Functions. 1)      Login to WHM 2)      At your left hand side see for DNS Functions and click on it 3)      From the drop down window , select your

Backup System Configuration Files Using WHM backup Feature

Login to the WHM On the main screen, click on the Backup >> Configure Backup On the Configure Backup page “Enabled” the Backup Configuration Files option.   Now you know how to backup the system configuration files of your dedicated hosting server via WHM Backup Feature.

Enable Backup in WHM / cPanel Dedicated Servers

1) Log into the WHM for your dedicated server. 2) On the main Screen Find the Backup and simply click on it. 3) Click the Configure Backup icon 4) It will show you various options with frequency that backup run and can be configured on this page.   Configure Backup

How to Create a new (add website) Hosting Account in WHM?

1) Login into your WHM. 2) Click on to the “Account Functions” listed on the left sidebar. 3) Now, click on the “Create a new account” option. Once you click it fill all the required fields and click on the “Create” button on the top. You will get the account