How to Install SQL Server Management Studio 2017 on Windows Server 2019

SQL Server Management Studio 2017 Windows 2019 Download This guide will assist you through the download and installation process of SQL Server Management Studio 2017 on Windows Server 2019. SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) is an invaluable tool for managing a Microsoft SQL server. It can be installed on your

How to Install SQL Server 2016 Express

Downloading and Installing SQL Server 2016 Express Edition If you’re trying to install SQL Server 2016 express, you’ll need to make sure you’ve taken a few important steps first. SQL Server express requires .NET Framework 4.6 be installed. You can check before installing SQL Server, but luckily, SQL Server 2016

How to install SQL Server 2012 Express on Windows server 2012

Installing SQL Server 2012 Express Before installing SQL Server 2012 make sure you have the below components installed or enabled on your Windows server. Download and install .NET Framework 4.0. If the computer has Internet access, SQL Server setup will download it when needed. Enable .NET Framework 3.5 using Control

How to install SQL Server Management Studio 2012 on Windows Server 2012

Installing SQL Server Management Studio 2012 This tutorial will help you install SQL Server Management Studio 2012 (SSMS) on your Windows server. By following these 11 easy steps, you’ll be ready to use SSMS in no time. First, log in to your windows server with administrator user.   Download the

Install Microsoft SQL Server

The installation of Microsoft SQL Server, like that of various modern products is fairly easy, whether you are using a CD called SQL Server Developer Edition, a DVD or a downloaded edition. If you have it on CD or DVD, you can put it in the drive and follow the

Connect to a remote MySQL server

Log into MySQL as a root user by using the following command: mysql -uUSERNAME -pPASSWORD At the mysql prompt type the following replacing databasename with the actual database name, dbusername to the actual database user name, and password to the actual password. GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON databasename.* TO dbusernamee @’%’

How to Install MySQL Server

With it’s ease of use and high reliability, MySQL is one of the most popular database solutions in the world. If you’re looking for instructions on how to download, install, and perform basic functions using MySQL, this guide will teach you everything you need.   Downloading the Current Release of

Execute a SQL script (.sql file) on my SQL Server database?

To execute a .sql file, you need to open the “Query Analyzer” Start -> Programs -> MS SQL Server -> Query Analyzer Connect to the database that you’re running the script on. Then open the SQL file using File -> Open Once it is open, you can execute the file

Create a backup file of a SQL Server database?

Open Enterprise Manager and expand the registered SQL Server Expand Databases Right-click on the database that you want to backup, select All Tasks -> Backup Database If you would like to make a complete backup (recommended), make sure \”Database-complete\” is selected Click the Add… button In the File Name field,

Reset the SQL Server ‘sa’ user password?

Open Enterprise Manager and expand the registered SQL server. Expand Security. Click on Logins. Right-click the user “sa” and select Properties. Type the new password in the Password field. Click OK, and you will be prompted to re-type the password.