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Storage & Backup

Idera Backup

  • High-performance disk-based backups
  • Cross platform backup for Windows and Linux servers
  • Centralized Web-based administration
  • Affordable and easy to use
  • Industrial strength storage
  • Improve recovery point objectives with CDP

CDP is a high performance disk-to-disk backup service enabling Linux and Windows disaster recovery and Bare-Metal Restores. Simply put, we are able to take a snapshot of your hard drive, and in the event of a hard drive failure or user error, provide a full restore of that data in rapid time. You determine the frequency at which you wish to backup your data (hourly, daily, weekly etc) using the idera interface and then rest easy knowing your data is available in the event of any drive failure or accidental deletion.

Choose the amount of storage that is right for you

Hivelocity is proud to offer Idera Continuous Data Protection (CDP) backup services for each of our hosting solutions. idera offers the only CDP backup solution for both Linux and Windows servers. Pricing for our backup storage solutions is the same cross platform and starts at just $29.95 per month.

100 GB backup storage - $69.95/month

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