It has been just over 2 months since cPanel rocked the hosting world with their price hike and new “account-based” billing announcement.  Since that time IaaS providers around the world have been scrambling to figure out how they will adapt.  Some hosts have simply chosen to no longer offer cPanel while others have followed cPanel’s lead and raised their pricing accordingly.  After 2 months, we thought it was a good time to take a look at some of the industry players and compare cPanel costs based on each provider’s new pricing.  In order to keep things simple, we will display each providers pricing based on 5 different account quantity scenarios.  All pricing is listed or has been converted to display in US dollars.   We have included pricing from BuycPanel, a popular reseller, and from cPanel direct since many hosting providers have abandoned selling cPanel themselves and will instruct you to source your cPanel licenses from one of these avenues if you require it.    

                 Per Month Account-Based Bare-Metal Dedicated Server cPanel Pricing


  50 Accounts 250 Accounts 500 Accounts 750 Accounts 1500 Accounts
HIVELOCITY $32 $32 $32 $65 $164
cPANEL $45 $75 $125 $175 $325
BUYcPANEL $45 $75 $125 $175 $325
HETZNER $35.29 $49.08 $76.65 $104.22 $186.94
LIQUIDWEB $35 $50 $90 $115 $200
RELIABLESITE $40 $80 $80 $130 $180
LEASEWEB $42 $42 $67 $92 $167
TURNKEYINTERNET $39.99 NA, they now limit any cPanel server to 100 accounts max


SOFTLAYER They have not provided any update or acknowledged cPanel’s announcement.
OVH Customers now must purchase directly from cPanel (See cPanel’s prices above)
GODADDY They have not provided any update or acknowledged cPanel’s announcement.
COGECOPEER1 They have not provided any update or acknowledged cPanel’s announcement.

We intend to build upon this list of providers over the next 2 months as each hosting provider inevitably reacts to cPanel’s changes, so check back here frequently.   We have talked to cPanel directly and all hosting providers will be paying cPanel based on their new model starting September 1st, with a few providers getting until December 1st due to contractual obligations. 

You can find Hivelocity’s new 3-tier approach to cPanel’s account-based pricing at

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